Oakley Bathroom Sink Backpack

Oakley launched in 2013 in the outdoor backpack series, Bathroom Sink for travelers and cosmopolitan crowd with more choices. The design package shall collect from the classic Kitchen Sink backpack style, provided a total of red, black and camouflage patterns of three options, the series uses solid buckle design and firm quality wear-resistant fabric, so more durable backpack.

Specially designed backpack outside a dedicated compartment and pockets, you can ensure that your files safely stored separately. Built-in laptop compartment can accommodate most 13-inch notebooks and tablet computer products. Thick special material backpack back and shoulder straps as well as back up comfortable, more good air permeability, it is suitable for long-distance and prolonged outdoor use. This series also configure the media player designed for the hard protective shell, reinforced zipper and buckle, so you get the items in a backpack full protection.

Side pull-designed computer compartment is suitable for most 13-inch notebooks and tablet PCs

Thick special material backpack back and shoulder straps

Top Media Player protective shell for MP3, mobile phones, glasses and other breakables to provide comprehensive protection

Pockets on both sides to increase, can be easily placed and pick up a variety of items such as kettles
10/11/2013 02:24:37
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